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Situated in a newly-restored historic mansion overlooking Plaza San Francisco, the three-story Casa  Boutique Hotel in Quito harbors 31 rooms, a showcase of eye-catching style, a fine mix of classic architecture, contemporary interior design, antiques, fine furnishings, modern technology and quintessential comforts.

Beautifully and eclectically-appointed, the hotel invites its guests to explore and relax, whether you’re in its dining room, at the glassed-in patio, in the garden redolent with the perfume of native flowers, at the elegant indoors Sitting Room by the patio or atop its panoramic third-floor terrace.
Beyond the doors of this luxurious hotel, the World Heritage wonders of Quito as well as the vastly-different and diverse worlds of Ecuador itself await. Sophisticated and eclectic, historic yet contemporary, style, passion and service blend seamlessly and delightfully at this hotel.

Rooms, with both double and king-size beds, are arrayed across all three of its floors. Due to the property's heritage character, rooms vary in size, although they are all comfortably ample, averaging 35 square meters (377 square. feet) in area. All benefit from the mansion's elegant tall ceilings which draw the bright Andean sunlight into their interiors.

Their decoration plays off with rich carpets, towering window frames, flowing curtains and Art Deco-style furniture such as desks, armoires, tables and armchairs. All the rooms are air-conditioned, carpeted, non-smoking and sound-proofed, with private bathrooms (nearly all with separate bathtubs and showers), and with telephones, intelligent key-cards, in-room safe boxes, wireless internet and flat-screen TV sets with international cable channels.

On the ground floor, two Luxury rooms have garden access. On the first floor, the Balcony Junior Suite overlooks the garden with views directing south of the city. There are also nine Luxury rooms and four Plaza View rooms. On the second floor, we have eight Luxury rooms and four Plaza View rooms. On both the first and second floors, one suite can be separated to make two connecting or individual Luxury rooms. Finally, two Luxury rooms complete the picture of our third floor.
From the stately decoration, distinguished yet relaxed atmosphere, great views of Plaza San Francisco or the colonial Cuenca Street, innovative and superb gastronomy and top-notch international quality service, our Awarded Restaurant offers to its guests a unique, different and special, altogether memorable dining experience.

The cuisine is a Celebration in honor of Ecuador’s typical cuisine, upgraded to the finest status of creativeness and a flair-filled blend of traditional and modern, a superb alchemy of ingredients, textures, aromas and flavors. Inspired in a trilogy of seasonings, infusions and spice mixes, all coming from our backyard, we present Ecuadorian cuisine in a refined manner. The Menu is the result of a gastronomic evolution process which has matured into a unique culinary proposal, which is our current offer. We firmly believe in our cuisine’s inheritance, its roots and the techniques and know-how that we have acquired throughout this evolution.

We are proud to be able to offer flavors that vary from the Highlands all the way to the Pacific Coast, reflecting on the amazing variety of ingredients (always the best and the freshest), as well as original recipes and cooking techniques that result in a feast for the palate. Our main goal is to please our guests’ palates, minds and senses.

Since $ 495 up to $ 910

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