lunes, 10 de octubre de 2016


Hidden on one of the emblematic streets of the Old Town,
a restored mansion shelters a treasure trove.
The Hotel is a haven for lovers of art and culture,  
as well as for those looking for a "different" place to rest while exploring Quito, Part art gallery, antiquarian, café restaurant and hotel,

The mansion, three blocks away from independence square, was originally built in the 17th century. In the early 20th century, it was divided and re-thought by one of the outstanding Italian architects of the era,  Antonino Russo.

Suite Matrimonial + Twin - $ 250
Suite Matrimonial - $ 250
Suite Matrimonial Standar - $ 190
Double Room - $ 190
Double Suite + Bed Sofa - $ 250
Triple Room - $ 140

For more information about your next trip to Ecuador please contact to:
Celular: (593) 986 588 404 (Whats app)
Phone: (593) 2 604 2845

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